Unleashing Joy: Woof Haven's Expansive Dog Play Areas and Industry-Leading Outdoor Space!

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Welcome to Woof Haven: Where Tails Wag and Boundless Adventures Begin! πŸΎπŸŒ„

  • At Woof Haven, we believe that every wagging tail deserves the best of both worlds - a haven of indoor comfort and an expansive outdoor playground. Join us as we explore the industry standards for outdoor play area space per dog, and discover how we go above and beyond to create a paw-some haven for our furry guests, including our 20-acre fenced daily hike area with breathtaking mountain views and wildflowers!

Industry Standards for Outdoor Play Area Space Per Dog:

  • Industry standards recommend a minimum of 40 to 100 square feet of outdoor play area space per dog in a dog daycare and boarding facility. This allocation ensures that every pup has ample room to run, play, and socialize, fostering a healthy and happy environment. With the low end of 40 square feet of outdoor space for small dogs. On the opposite end the 100 square feet of space of outdoor area to roam is for larger dogs. Everything inbetween is all based on size on the dog.

  • At Woof Haven, you will see the difference with our faiclities. We go above and beyond industry standards for our woofers.Β 

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Woof Haven's Playgrounds: Boundless Space for Every Wagging Tail!

  • At Woof Haven, we are committed to surpassing industry standards and providing our canine guests with the finest play areas imaginable. Our facility boasts not one, but six fully fenced outdoor play areas, each spanning a luxurious half acre! That's over 21,000 square feet of unleashed excitement per play ares, far beyond the recommended standards.

Limitless Possibilities to Explore and Roam: Room to Grow with Love!

  • Our dedication to our four-legged friends knows no bounds. We have plenty of additional outdoor space reserved for future expansions, allowing us to keep growing and innovating to meet the needs of every wagging tail that graces our haven.

Indoor Freedom and Comfort: The Best of Both Worlds!

  • At Woof Haven, we believe in offering choices to our furry guests. Our indoor spaces are spacious, cozy havens that provide the same level of comfort as our outdoor playgrounds. Dogs have the freedom to roam inside or outside as they please, ensuring that every day is tailored to their preferences.

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Daily Hike Adventures: A Journey Through Nature's Splendor!

  • For the true nature enthusiasts among our furry guests, we offer a daily hike adventure like no other. Our 20-acre fenced hike area is a paradise of exploration, accompanied by our experienced staff who lead the way to breathtaking mountain views and wildflower wonder. It's a tail-wagging journey immersed in nature's embrace.

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A Commitment to Safety and Joy: Trained Staff and Supervised Play!

  • At Woof Haven, safety is a top priority. Our team of certified professionals is always present, diligently supervising all playgroups and hike expeditions to ensure that every moment is a joyful and secure experience. We take pride in our exceptional on going training for staff.

A Wagging Tail Says It All: Woof Haven's Promise!

  • At Woof Haven, we pour our hearts into creating an environment that's nothing short of extraordinary. From our expansive outdoor play areas, daily hike adventures, and indoor comfort, every aspect is designed with the happiness and well-being of our furry guests in mind.

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